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Stourer - Martine De Vernon -

I live in Vernon (near Giverny and the house of the Impressionists) quiet village, 45 minutes from Paris and I enjoy my garden as soon as I can.

I am "vegan" for a bit more than 2 years now (which brought me many benefits in terms of fitness, energy and health) ; I enjoy creating all kinds of sauces to accompany my raw or cooked vegetables. The latest, crushed garlic, peanut puree and sea water (Quinton serum for the curious) ....

Besides, about water, the last book I read is "The Hidden Messages in Water" by Masaru Emoto and I highly recommend you to read it. You will not see the water in the same way afterwards, it teaches us about the power of words and thoughts, as the impact is visible on its crystal ...

And by the way, why this quote on the poster of my Stourer photo ? Because I am a greedy and I had found this little quote in the Lovechock chocolate bar  ( : was it a sign ?? 

Langues parlées: 
Le dernier livre que j'ai lu: 
Les Messages Cachés de l'Eau, de Masaru Emoto
La phrase que j'afficherais sur mon tee-shirt: 
C'est pendant qu'on calcule, qu'on analyse les pour et les contre, que la vie passe et qu'il ne se passe rien.

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