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Stourer - Cécile De Paris -

Born in the Caribbean, I have always been prepared to leave my island someday. First try was when I was 10 years old to attend, alone, the Conservatory of Toulouse for Music and Dance, more than 4000 miles away from home. An amazing year ! Second try I was 18 yo... now adult, studying and of course travelling ! United-States of America, Canada, Malta, Spain, Morocco... There is nothing more enriching than discovering the world and its cultures. But at some point, I had to settle down. Why not in Paris then ? After a few years in Bordeaux, I arrived in the city of lights... Incredible !

Stourer - Anouk De Villeurbanne -

Hi! My name's Anouk, I'm 20 years old and I'm keen on cinema and theater. That's also why I study cinema! Aside from that I am uncontested globetrotter! Traveling, see the world with its landscapes, its languages and its cultures ... what could be more appealing? What mainly interests me in traveling is to get melt in the country and to learn how to live like the locals there. I'm also always happy to learn new languages in the countries visited!

Stourer - Catherine De Lyon -

I am 43 and I live in Lyon since more than 10 years. I am originally a landscape architecte and I do now devote myself in plastics arts. Originaly from Paris I have travelled in France, in Europe and to Asia and Australia. I used to lived and work in Cambodia for the conservation of the Angkorian Temples. I am sensitive to the ancient heritage. I am used to travel as a backpacker to discover new cultures and landscape. In Lyon I like walking along the river side and redescover new aspects of my city.

Stourer - Martine De Vernon -

I live in Vernon (near Giverny and the house of the Impressionists) quiet village, 45 minutes from Paris and I enjoy my garden as soon as I can.

I am "vegan" for a bit more than 2 years now (which brought me many benefits in terms of fitness, energy and health) ; I enjoy creating all kinds of sauces to accompany my raw or cooked vegetables. The latest, crushed garlic, peanut puree and sea water (Quinton serum for the curious) ....

Stourer - Fred de Paris -

I've been a trend-sport enthousiast for 20 years now :
In Line Skating / Skateboarding (in skateparks) / Longboarding (skate) / skiing / Snowboarding / Bodyboarding.
I am actually spending my spare time doing Freestyle Frisbee.
This is an outdoor / Indoor sport which consists of doing (many) tricks, catchs and throws with a spinning flying disc, on the finger nail, without letting it fall on the ground.

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