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Stourer - Catherine De Lyon -

I am 43 and I live in Lyon since more than 10 years. I am originally a landscape architecte and I do now devote myself in plastics arts. Originaly from Paris I have travelled in France, in Europe and to Asia and Australia. I used to lived and work in Cambodia for the conservation of the Angkorian Temples. I am sensitive to the ancient heritage. I am used to travel as a backpacker to discover new cultures and landscape. In Lyon I like walking along the river side and redescover new aspects of my city. I like a lot my neighbourthood but I also like moving to diffrent aerea according to my needs ans desirs. Lyon is at the same time ancient and modern, quiet and busy this is what I would like to show of my city. My ability to speak english is goog and I love to practice it.

Langues parlées: 
Le dernier livre que j'ai lu: 
Les 4 accords toltèques
La phrase que j'afficherais sur mon tee-shirt: 
Be yourself
Villes que je connais bien: 

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