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Nordic walk and yoga with Parvati

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Nordic walk and yoga with Parvati on Stouring at Vernon-Giverny
  • Nordic walk and yoga with Parvati on Stouring at Vernon-Giverny
  • Cours de Yoga avec Parvati à l'Espace Nautique la Grande Garenne à Vernon
  • Cours de Yoga avec Parvati sur Stouring, à l'Espace Nautique la Grande Garenne à Vernon
  • Posture de Yoga avec Parvati, professeur de Yoga sur Stouring à Vernon-Giverny
  • Pratique du yoga avec Parvati sur Stouring à Vernon-Giverny

Why not join me for a Nordic or energetic walk (without the aid of a stick) and a yoga session. We start from a lovely trail beginning at Saint Marcel’s swimming pool (near Vernon), Giverny, the Chapelle-Réanville or even from the forest at Gaillon.

You can also join in one of my daily yoga classes for of adults, adolescents and children.

I also offer regular workshops in Yoga and vegetarian/Ayurvedic cooking, where, for example, you can learn:

  • 10 exercises to improve your balance and gently strengthen your body;
  • 5 exercises to relieve neck pain
  • Why and how to eat fruit during the winter: oranges, kiwi, mandarins...
  • The 5 pillars of Yoga, which you can explore with me:
    1. Correct exercises: ASANA
    2. Correct breathing: PRANAYAMA
    3. Correct relaxation: SAVASANA
    4. Correct diet: as natural as possible, possibly vegetarian
    5. Positive thinking and meditation.
Availability schedule: 
Wednesday morning (9h30-12h) Sunday morning (1 time per month) and by appointment
Expected duration: 
Depending on your available time, 2 to 4 hours
Tariff explanations: 
The displayed price is the price per person, with a minimum of 3 people on Sunday. Eg for 4 people add 4 to your cart.
18.00€ TVA incl.

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