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Pylones: unique design shop

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99 rue de rivoli 75001 Paris
Opening time: 
10am – 8pm 7 days a week

The History of Pylones

Established in 1985, Jacques Guillemet, the founder of Pylones, always dreamed of a shop fitted with hundreds of intriguing products. The first range of products was rubber jewellerys in funny animal shapes, following its success Pylones dedicated to the unique gifts items. Today Pylones is a global boutique gifts retailer, selling an series of designer gift paraphernalia.

The Specialty of Pylones

  • Colourful
  • Colour, colour and more colour is the immediate impression on entering, which lends itself well to the playful element suffused into the products as well as the shops.
  • Creative
  • Can you ever imagine a whisk shaped like a squid? A cheese grater fashioned like a princess or a bottle opener designed like a mermaid? Pylones can always delight clients with their unexpected imagination.

The Products of Pylones

  • Functional objects
    1. Developing a unique design philosophy and culture of transforming everyday objects into gifts, Pylones’ products make a good combination of function and art.
    2. Ranging from daring jewellery and odd shaped crockery to colourful office products and home accessories.
  • Unique souvenirs
    1. A souvenir from here means you can be spared those horrible shops that sell tote bags with the word Paris repeated all over them
    2. Everything sold here is produced in France, and actually you stand a good chance of coming away with something truly unique

So next time you head for Louvre, never missing to take a glace at this fun shop(map here ), whether you buy something or not...their merchandise never fails to amuse.

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