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Born in the Caribbean, I have always been prepared to leave my island someday. First try was when I was 10 years old to attend, alone, the Conservatory of Toulouse for Music and Dance, more than 4000 miles away from home. An amazing year ! Second try I was 18 yo... now adult, studying and of course travelling ! United-States of America, Canada, Malta, Spain, Morocco... There is nothing more enriching than discovering the world and its cultures. But at some point, I had to settle down. Why not in Paris then ? After a few years in Bordeaux, I arrived in the city of lights... Incredible ! I will never forget how I felt the first time I went through the city. I was 22 years old. I had to find the perfect job to be able to keep on meeting people and discovering new cultures every day. Easy answer : guiding. According to me guiding is sharing my culltural heritage while having an enjoyable, friendly moment ;)  

Langues parlées: 
Le dernier livre que j'ai lu: 
Nos ancêtres les gaulois de François Reynaert
La phrase que j'afficherais sur mon tee-shirt: 
Slogan T-shirts should be worn inside the house only
Villes que je connais bien: 
St Julian's

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