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Absolu Restaurant and Bar, Vincennes

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22, Avenue de Paris 94300 Vincennes
Opening time: 
Daily Tuesday through Sunday from 12 to 2:30 and from 7 to midnight

Best restaurant in Vincennes!

Absolu Restaurant and Bar offers an ephemeral menu, that changes seasonally, and no matter what, is always delicious with an impeccable presentation. The wine list is quite impressive as well. The atmosphere in the restaurant is mysterious and chic, which is only complimented by the most ideal location in Vincennes: right in front of the Chateau de Vincennes.

Absolu is perfect for a night out with friends, especially to enjoy the fabulous cocktails from the bar. The restaurant is also a great choice for a more intimate experience in the restaurant.

The hidden garden terrace behind the restaurant makes Absolu a favorite in Vincennes during the summer months.

Highly recommended for high-end traditional French food in a chic and luxurious environment.


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Submitted by Claire on

I was very impressed after I tried Absolu! Great location, delicious food, and a private atmosphere! Highly recommended after a day in the Bois de Vincennes or for anyone in the East of Paris!

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