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Secret de Paris Hotel & Spa

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2,rue de Parme - 75009 Paris
Opening time: 
24 hours

The design Hotel Secret de Paris is tucked away in the Trinité quartier, in the heart of Paris and just a stroll from the Grands Magasins, which bathes you in the atmosphere of the City of Light. With wit and designer dash, the design hotel offers all the comforts you could wish for in a luxury boutique hotel. And by night, it's the perfect place to prolong the magic of Paris. Artful yet understated, every bedroom has been designer dressed to conjure up some of Paris' finest monuments. Step inside, and let yourself be whisked away in another world. The structure inside is very distinctive: it has been described by tourists as "living in La Tour Eiffel or Sleeping in the Moulin Rouge". The intention of the architects was to bring the most famous Paris elements to customers (special building, art construction etc.) outside of the building's design turn to express the beautiful “City light". Using the colorful and gorgeous light and shadow wisely also display the modern art of excellent works. The Design Hotel Secret de Paris has twenty-nine rooms conceived and dressed on six themes:


  • The Musée d’Orsay
  • The Moulin Rouge
  • The Eiffel Tower
  • The Opera Garnier
  • The Trocadero and the Artist's Studio.

Prices :

  • There are various prices for different theme of the room
  • Average best available double room from 214 euros to 304 euros per night

How to book: 


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