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Visit of the park of Sceaux with Olga

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Visite du Parc de Sceaux avec Olga

Dear visitors to Paris and Ile de France,

Have you heard of the town of Sceaux (about 20 minutes from the centre of Paris on the RER B line)? Perhaps you’ve already heard of the magnificent park of Sceaux?

I can walk you through the lovely pedestrianised streets of Sceaux, have a chat while drinking a nice cup of tea or coffee at one of the city’s welcoming terraces and get to know the fashions in the many shops displaying French designer clothing. We can then go and breathe the fresh air in the beautiful leafy Sceaux park. This park is a rare gem amongst the gardens of Paris: I strongly recommend we explore this jewel built in the 18th century by André Le Notre.

Sceaux park continues to expand and modernise, adapting to its visitors, both young and old. You could also take advantage of the chance to go on a guided tour of Sceaux castle (if you’re interested, I can book this), where you’ll learn about some of the history of the Ile de France as well as the Sceaux area, the castle and its inhabitants. You can admire its sumptuous paintings steeped in history; visit the Aurore Pavilion and be captivated by the impressive fountains and running water... Due to its size, I recommend visiting the Sceaux park by bicycle (it’s easy to rent a bike there and I can book this for you if you let me know in advance). If the weather is sunny I recommend we finish our visit with a delicious hot drink (coffee, tea or chocolate) on a café terrace (where children can take part in a Guignol show).

If you’d like to have lunch with your family in this grandiose environment, I can also help you to organise a picnic in an area with a magnificent view of the castle.

This is a place where history and relaxation blend in with all the monuments...

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